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MAPS of NORWAY for Genealogical Research
See also Scandinavian Research (all) page

01. - detailed Topographical Map of Norway with County Boundaries and Farm Names (zoom in & out, plus mouse hold-down moveablility) - a GREAT MAP for researchers!!!

02. Map of Norway at Google Norway - will give you a "suggested" list of locations which helps with Norwegian letters and spelling variations. (Webmaster Note: Google tries to include a Google "add-on" - I did NOT add it, and the map navigation worked fine.)

03. includes Maps of the probate subdivisions of various Counties in Norway. (example in link is for Rogaland - see Wiki.FamilySearch.Org to search for your Norway County of interest.)

04. Statens Kartverk - Norwegian Mapping Authority - Free downloadable printable Maps of Norway of various types, including County Maps (but no labeling!).

Above Free Maps of Norway as translated by Google - Google's English translation of the above page. For some links, you will need to navigate in the original Norwegian version (Using 2 browser windows, 1 for each translation, helps with exploring and navigating their website.)

05. Rail Europe Map of Norway showing train routes.

06. Topographical Map of Norway at Rail Europe (using Sweden's rail map!) - great colors adding to visibility for major rivers, valleys, canyons, etc. (clearer to view than Google satellite maps!)

07. Fascinating free downloadable Oceanic Map of the Norwegian Sea and Barent Sea, including the island of Svalbard, Norway.

SOURCES and GUIDES for Norwegian Genealogical Research

01. The National Archives of Norway - includes Parish Registers, Censuses, Probate Records, and Court Records - many FREE online!

Digitised Parish Registers available online - scanned copies of actual parish register pages.

02. The University of Tromsø's (UiTø) Norwegian Historical Data Centre has links and articles:

Information and Links for the Norwegian Censuses.

Search online in the Norwegian 1865, 1875, 1900, and 1910 Censuses.

Advanced online Search in the Norwegian 1865, 1875, 1900, and 1910 Censuses.

Parish Registers - Online Searches for some parishes.

Download the entire 1886 Land Registers as an Excel file. Parts of the 1838 Land Registers are also available.

03. Ancestry's Links Listing for Norwegian Genealogy Resources, and Norwegian County-specific Genealogy Resources.

04. Bygdebok Collection at the University of North Dakota. "Bygdebøker are published farm and family histories compiled by local Norwegian groups."

05. Guide to Finding Bygdeboker (Norway local histories) held at the University of Minnesota Libraries

06. Sogn og Fjordane (only) Digitaliserte protokollar/bøker (local governmental books with local representative signatures). Scans of actual handwritten book entries. Some towns, such as Vik, start in the 1800's. All in Norwegian, hand written letter-style documents with no translations at all.

07. Records of the Evengelical Lutheran Church in America (Includes records of some of the previous Lutheran synods merged in to ELCA.):
See our Scandinavian research page for information about their website.

08. The Norwegian Genealogical Society - Articles, How-to's, & Links
(all in Norwegian)

The Norwegian Genealogical Society via Google Translate.

The Norwegian Genealogical Society - Articles via Feed
(all in Norwegian).
(See Google Translate suggestions at the bottom of this page to translate pages separately - needed for some internal links to work.)

09. How to trace your ancestors in Norway, Oct 21, 2001 edition. Apparently based on articles from 1958-1996 by the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this multi-topic article includes some interesting comments (although some links are out of date) - such as on naming patterns and variations (near the bottom).

10. Finding a Bygdebøker (Norwegian parish, farm, local histories, often with linked genealogical information within farm names) for your ancestral parish or farm is one of the most helpful genealogical research anywhere!!! (See example at the L.A. Family History Library at our Nordic Genealogy Society meeting).

Hunting for a Bygdebøker for your parish or town includes looking in several locations: WorldCat, University of North Dakota or North Dakota (see sparate listing herein), asking for a lookup from someone with a copy in the U.S. or Norway, or ordering research to be done in Norway.
Suggestion: For advanced researchers, use th National Library of Norway and the U.S. Library of Congress to see what exists for your area of interest.

11. National Library of Norway - Online Search page
As a starting point, advanced researchers might want to try a search to just see what exists by going to the National Library of Norway website to search for what books might exist for your parish or town. It is ONLY in Norwegian, so having 2 window open (one being Google translate) to instantly translate entries on a side-by-side basis. (More on techniques later)

12. Norway-Heritage: focusing on Norwegian Immigration, including pre-1875 passenger lists, information about Emigrant Ships (including some pictures), and images of Erie Canal at the time of immigration, etc. Also has a list of links regarding Norwegian Emigration research.

Norwegian Emigration Records: this page provides an excellent description of available Norwegian emigration records as well as links to other Norwegian research resources.

13. Norwegian Farm Names - Database. Wonderful search engine to identify farm names and their corresponding counties. If spelling is an issue, just enter the first few letters and it will give you a list of possibilities.

More Links coming soon from our members.

Note that there are 2 very different versions of the Norwegian language still in current use, as well as pronunciation variations from geographic dialects.

For websites written in Norwegian (either version), you can use Google Translate to translate the text of the page into English (text in images will not be automatically translated - you will need to type in such text manually).
Also, when using Google Translate, note the small typewriter icon - click on this typewriter to select Norwegian letters not found in the English keyboard, to be included in the text you are typing as input for Google translation.